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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: What is the difference between Recreation, and Select/Competitive?
A: Recreation- The focus of our recreation program is fun. The skill and commitment requirements are more relaxed. The goal of our recreational program is to create a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes enjoyment and skill learning, through equal participation regardless of ability. All participants are eligible to participate in the Recreational programs without tryouts or any basis on talent or skill.

The opportunity to play at the Select/Competitive level is offered to age groups U9 and up.

Open tryouts are conducted and the process is designed to ensure every player has an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skill, attitude and effort to possibly be invited to play at the select level. The primary objective of tryouts is to identify players with a strong level of commitment and skill level that are seeking to further advance their skill development at a more competitive level. Player who tryout will be notified by club if they are accepted or not.

All Select teams are formed based on the cumulative performance total and player’s rank from the tryout sessions along with observations and experience of the participants. Select/Competition U9 - U18 price is $500 plus uniform cost.


Q: My 3 year old is full of energy. Can I register him/her for soccer?
A:  Yes, we are now offering an “Lil Kickers” Program for 3 year olds.

Q: When will I hear from my child’s coach for the upcoming season?
A: Coaches for all age groups will receive their rosters at the coaches meeting that is typically held 2 weeks before the season starts. You should hear from your coach no later than 2 weeks before games begin.  If you have not heard from your coach by that date, please email the office at [email protected]          

Q: Why do I have to register my child for soccer so early?
A: Teams must be formed and coaches must be certified. Additionally, the paperwork to handle insurance, team roster and scheduling is monumental and takes time.

Q: What if I am out of town during registration?
A: The registration period lasts about 6 weeks and can be done over the internet in about three minutes. Go to the registration page and follow the instructions.

Q: What if I don’t have a computer and/or internet access?
A: The Public Libraries have free access or you can email the office to make arrangements.

Q: What does my registration pay for?
A: Fees pay for trophies, insurance, field equipment, referees, training costs and all the other things required to run this type of program.

Q: Why are some teams practicing and my child hasn’t heard from a coach?
A: Older and advanced (select or competitive teams) teams often start early. Many of the coaches for younger children will not begin until 2 weeks before opening day game.

Q: What will my child need for practice?
A: Shin guards are a must. Additionally, Comfortable clothes for exercise, sneakers or soccer cleats, and a drink (Gatorade or water) are needed. Your coach may also ask you to bring a ball. U-5 through U-8 use size 3 balls, U-10 through U-12 use Size 4 and older players use size 5.

Q: Does my child need cleats to play?
A: Although shin guards are required, cleats are not. Many younger children are more comfortable in their sneakers. Older (U8) children will want the traction that their cleats provide.

Q: Can my child play with jewelry or beads in their hair?
A: No jewelry or anything that could cause harm to other players or themselves can be worn. This rule includes hair beads and barrettes and even casts. We recommend that ears be pierced between seasons, because earrings must be removed to play. This is a Florida Youth Soccer rule and not discretionary for the referees or club officials.

Q: Can my child bring a friend to practice?
A: Only players and coaches registered to can participate in our practices and games. Other are not covered by our insurance.

Q: What can be done if a referee makes a bad call?
A: All referees are trained and certified, unfortunately they are also humans. Bad calls will happen. They usually do not affect the outcome of the game. Also calls will be made and not made that you will disagree with. Sometimes, it is just a matter of what the referee sees. Sometimes, it is just a matter of advantage to the team that is fouled. If there is a truly bad situation, find the referee assignor or send an email to the club and the situation will be addressed. Remember that you are a role model for our players and arguing with a referee does not set a good example or get calls in your favor. For all questions regarding referees please email Julie Nadeau the Referee Assignor at [email protected].

Q: What is a traveling recreational team?
A: A traveling recreational team plays with other teams in North Florida Youth Soccer League, instead of just AIYS. Some travel is involved but it is all within an hour and half of home. Teams start traveling at the U10 age level for both boys and girls.

Q: What is the difference between recreational and competitive (Select) AIYS?
A: Commitment! Competitive players are selected at a tryout and are committed for the entire year. They often hire trainers and go to tournaments. For these players, soccer is priority one. On the other hand the focus of Recreational soccer is fun. The skill and commitment requirements are more relaxed.

Q: Who can try out for Competitive teams?
A: Anyone eligible to play in U-10 or above.

Q: Why are the teams and spectators on opposite sides of the field?
A: Players and Spectators are kept separate to aid the coach and referees in team management. It helps the coach to have all the players in one place. It helps the player to understand that his instructions come the coach during the game if he does not have the distractions of family around.

Q: Why can’t I stand near the net or behind the goal line during matches?
A: This is first and foremost a safety issue. Players have been injured, not to mention goals scored or not scored, because of the distraction of people behind the goals.

Q: Why are there no trash cans next to each of the fields?
A: Trash cans are by the exits. Trash cans near the fields can cause litter and safety issues.

Q: The team I want my child on is full, but the coach is willing to add my child.  Why can’t we just do that?
A: There are 2 reasons. First, on a recreational team, coaches are forbidden to select their own players to prevent team stacking. Second, the coach may not have the overall division picture when you ask him. There may teams in need of players. Also, in recreational soccer, players are guaranteed 50% play time during each match (assuming practice attendance, good health and good behavior), so a team playing 4v4 cannot have 9 players on their roster.

Q: How can I find out about special clinics and camps sponsored by AIYS?
A: We try to publicize all upcoming events on the website and in newsletters and emails. You can also check the bulletin boards at the field.

Q: Who do I contact if I would like to coach a team?
A: Sign up on the website under coach registration or email [email protected] . You will then be forwarded a link to complete your background check.

Q: Can I get educational information about coaching?
A: Yes, AIYS has manuals, books and a few videotapes. We also provide coaching courses and clinics on a regular basis.  See coaches corner for additional information.

Q: How do I become a referee?
A: Go to to register for the next 18 hour Grade 8 training course in our area. You must be 12 to take the class. This is a great way for teenagers to earn money and learn responsibility and people skills.

Q: What does a team Manager (parent/mom) do?
A: Team manager are the organization people. They also are the communication link between the club and their team. They handle all tournament arrangement for team, ensure player have submitted picture for player cards, hand out the newsletters and photo packets and organize the snack schedule, end of season party and coaches’ gift and much much more.

Q: Why do some matches have 3 referees and others have only one?
A: Only matches where off sides are called require Assistant Referees.

Q: Who sets up the fields on Saturday?
A: Volunteers are required to paints the fields on during the week Fridays if possible. The first teams to play on Saturday are responsible for setting up the fields and the last teams to play on Saturday are responsible for breaking them down.

Q: Can my daughter play on an all girls team?
A: AIYS offers and encourages all-girl teams beginning at U-8 and above.

Q: Who are North Florida Youth Soccer League and Florida Youth Soccer Association?
A: NFYSL is the local league that schedules travel games and handles discipline for North Florida. FYSA is the State Organization that sets the rules and regulations and handles the insurance.


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