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Amelia Island Youth Soccer

About our Club

Amelia Island Youth Soccer exists to promote the development of youth in Our surrounding community through participation in athletic competition, encourages and promotes ethical and moral behavior, good sportsmanship, and good citizenship.

AIYS is an outstanding club built on strong principles providing many opportunities for all players to maximize their abilities and enjoyment for the game. AIYS Club families are very welcoming and respect the guidance and overall player development designed for improvement on and off the field for their children. AIYS is based in Amelia Island, Florida and surrounding communities.

There are many opinions at what age do we teach tactics. Young soccer players can adapt to many areas of the game as long as tactics and skills are taught properly and under realistic conditions.

AIYS is directed by high level professionals who are dedicated to elevating TECHNICAL, TACTICAL, PHYSICAL, and PSYCHOSOCIAL components of the game by focusing on the “FOUR Ts” of the world’s favorite sport.

  • Technical Skills
  • Tactical Awareness
  • Training Excellence
  • Teamwork
         AIYS club is proud to provide outstanding methodology for player development and team building for the entire soccer community. This methodology is designed for the modern game, playing with individual flair and creativity within the context of team tactics. We are also proud of the fact that every player in our club is treated as a family member despite ability and limitations. An important part of our culture is: “It is not about where you are as a soccer player when you arrive, but where you will be when you leave.”

Making Better Soccer Players

The primary goal of the AIYS is to develop players to their fullest extent. Our philosophy is simple “elevate technical and tactical skills first, wins and losses will take care of themselves.” We pride ourselves in making all of the players in our club better players both strategically (how they think about and understand the game) and technically (their skill in playing). The advanced players are consistently challenged to develop for college level and beyond. For our young developing players we have adapted the Steady Program for our coaches.

The Steady Program

  • Success is more than winning games
  • Teach the basics of soccer by playing and quality training
  • Excitement is essential
  • Adapt to player’s lives
  • Divide players to small groups for more touches on the ball
  • Our job as coaches: to keep things moving 
  • Systems of play
  • Style of play
  • Speed of play
  • Tactical awareness

Soccer and “The Game of Life”

We believe in soccer as a metaphor for life: work hard, play by the rules, treat others with respect, learn and grow, and have fun. These are “family values” that we, and we hope the families in our club, take very seriously. We want to encourage our players to not only be “complete” players, but also “complete” people, where academics, athletics, social activities, enjoyment with teammates, and love for the game are all integrated. We like to think of our club as a “family”.

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